"2.2 seconds in the water and the light"

In continuation of the series "Silent lights", the eighth landscape is an installation of photographs consists of 7 images shot one after the other in 2.2 seconds, and a "built" image that interrogates our relationship with reality and the notion of objectivity in photography.

7 images were taken July 5, 2013 at 11:10 am in the waters of Anse Noire in Martinique, the day after a heavy storm. These seven images are not the result of manipulation or trickery computer, they are all taken under water without staging, without movement of the photographer, and in natural light.

However, the eighth image of this installation is the result of computer manipulation. The 7 "real" images are superimposed in equal proportion. Manipulation aimed to "add" the images making up the underwater moment. But this eighth virtual landscape disorder perception. It seems as "real" than the previous, isn’t it?

Here is the question of the limits of our perception of time and light. Underwater, everything speeds up, the slightest variations in current, wind, clouds, brightness are exacerbated. Without photography, these variations of extreme delicacy would be imperceptible for us.
This eighth landscape causes he has a form of objectivity, summarizing 2.2 seconds of the interaction between water and light?