Sidney Régis (Guadeloupe, 1979) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, France.

The last 25 years, he worked with/in water as a world-class freediver (two national records) , as an underwater actor/dancer (for "songs of sea" by Gregory Colbert), as a collaborator for scientific programs (working for international research with the CNRS) and as an artist (3 exhibitions last year New York, Knokke and Rotterdam).

His practise oscillates between complex processes (photoshoot while free diving, innovative photo printing, 3D printing...) and more intuitive ones (gently finishing the prints with a brush, or immersing the paper in various substances…).

Water is a connection between all his work. It is a common denominator between the individual and humanity (beyond the cultures, religions, beliefs...) and between humans and nature. In a rapidly changing world, his poetic and conceptual work is an invitation to perceive some of our universal links with a new angle.