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Silent lights
- by Akili Tommasino (Selections magazine, Sept 2015)

"In the photography of Sidney Regis, champion free diver-cum-underwater artist, the ocean is akin to Newton’s camera obscura. Water, the transformative medium which Regis considers to be the protagonist of his work, serves as dispersive prism instead of glass. Suspended natural and man-made detritus are sublimated into dazzling abstract forms, materialisations of refracted light.The undulating water that animates these images illustrates the essence of colour itself, the perception of light in diferent wavelengths."

Sidney Régis is an multidisiplinary artist and free diver based in Paris. He explores the interactions between nature, technology and imagination.
His works have been collected around the globe (Montréal, New York, Paris, Londres, Doha, Johannesburg, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam).

"If water has a memory, i’m trying to capture it."

"Si l’eau a une mémoire, j’essaye d’en capter les souvenirs."